Don’t guess which mattress is right for you. Get the perfect fit for the deepest sleep.

  1. BedFit is proven technology!  Over 10 Million! profiles completed.

No Salesperson can effectively choose the right support pressure relief for a customer, it is only guess work. BedFit helps take the guess work out of the experience and uses this proven system to help guide the customer to choose the proper sleeping surface and make a better decision.

  1. BedFit is exclusive to Mattress Land.

Reduces customer confusion, frustration and reduces the chance of making a purchasing mistake.

  1. BedFit is the right thing to do!

Mattress Land is committed to providing quality at every level of the Mattress buying experience. The most important thing is our culture is to ensure we Fit each customer to the right Mattress for their body type and needs. Mattress Land has invested greatly in this effort and stands firm with our partners at Sleep to Live.

  1. BedFit provides confidence and assurance.  

Only at Mattress Land are all the beds offered pre-tested for compliance to provide the proper Support and Pressure relief as recommended.

  1. Change Lives. 

By providing the option to sleep on the right mattress set, each customer will ultimately sleep better each night, improving their days, health and well-being forever!

Customers tell us every day that they appreciate the benefit of having this tool to help them in this very confusing industry.  We are very proud of this commitment.

Why bedFITSM?
Because every body is different

Our exclusive Mattress Land SleepFit™ bedFIT diagnostic system uses a patented technology
based on a multimillion-dollar study by two of the world’s top sleep scientists.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Your Mattress Land SleepFit sleep advisor will assist you in completing a sleep profile to uncover the possible behavioral and environmental barriers to better sleep.

Step 2. Those findings are used to learn more about what alignment and pressure relief your body type needs.

Step 3. Now it’s time to lie down on our diagnostic test bed while the bedFIT computer begins a series of precise pressure and alignment readings to create a digital map of your body and pressure points.
With over one thousand calculations, the bedFIT system scientifically determines the best postural support and pressure relief for your skeletal-muscular system. The result is an exact recommendation for the right mattress based on your individual sleep profile, as well as the best pillow to keep your head neutrally aligned without bending back, forward or to one side too far.

Step 4. Then it’s as simple as choosing from the recommended beds and pillows suggested on your profile that is printed for your review by the bedFIT computer. Even if your partner has a different profile, you can both wake up on the right side of the bed.

After this simple process, look forward to night after night of deeper, healthier sleep!