Stearns & Foster®

From their beginnings as horse carriage upholsterers in the mid 1800s to today, Seth Foster and G.S. Stearns vision of luxury and craftsmanship is as apparent as ever.

A century and a half later, they’re known as the first American manufacturer of luxury mattresses. Stearns & Foster® mattresses are still built by only certified craftsman, held to the highest standards. Their work is constantly scrutinized to ensure perfection. And because of this detail-minded, hand-made crafting, each mattress takes twice as long to make as the average mattress.

Only the finest materials are used for a one-of-a-kind style and feel. It all adds up to a heritage of quality that finds its way into the design, comfort, support and durability of every Stearns & Foster mattress.

From the support of our patented IntelliCoil® to the luxurious comfort of our exclusive Indulge Memory Foam, the Stearns & Foster Estate collection sets the bar for any premium mattress. Discover which Estate Collection mattress delivers the perfect level of comfort and support for you.

In a perfectly designed bedroom, it's the little details that matter. The Lux Estate Collection includes all the extra touches you deserve. Indulge HD Memory Foam creates a responsive feel that's easy to melt into. IntelliCoil® HD provides perfect support for your body. All to deliver next-level comfort.

The Stearns & Foster® Reserve Collection is our highest expression of craftsmanship. We developed an entirely new mattress-making process to craft its one-of-a-kind design, quality, and feel. With the exceptional comfort of Indulge HD Memory Foam, the exquisitely supportive IntelliCoil® Micro HD Layer and IntelliCoil® HD provides perfect support for your body, and an upholstery-grade velvet exterior that makes any bedroom beautiful, nothing matches the feeling of a Reserve.

With our exclusive bedFITSM diagnostic system, only Mattress Land SleepFit can take out the guesswork and find the right Stearns & Foster bed for you!

“The oldest and most recognized luxury mattress made in the USA. Recent innovations have cemented this brand in their category as the leader. This Stearns & Foster team is the best ever!”

     - James Smith
       President Mattress Land SleepFit