Maybe it's the Mattress?



Sleep Fit Corporation CEO/President, James Smith

Well it’s been 35+ years selling mattresses and one thing keeps me up at night… mattresses. Well mine doesn’t, but I bet a lot of you reading this, yours does? Maybe you just purchased in the last 2-5 years; maybe you’ve suffered with the wrong mattress for a long time. It seems each week I see news networks and doctor shows constantly discussing the importance of sleep. They talk about what the right amount of sleep is (“the experts” will tell you anything from six to 10 hours) and some even say too much sleep is bad for us. Then there is the effect a diet has on sleep, as well as noise, environment, sleeping pills (those are bad), humidity, temperature, pets, your partner’s movement… should I keep going?

While all of this is probably true, have you ever seen a show on why the mattress is so important? You know, that big padded thing in the middle of the bedroom that you spend 1/3 of your life on? I haven’t either. There are loads of information on what a huge impact sleep can have on your health and lifestyle, but don’t you find it strange that no one wants to discuss the one thing that could have the biggest impact on that very subject: the mattress!

So just how do you figure out what mattress is right for each person? In most cases, there are two people involved and they usually have totally different needs, body types or sleep styles. That leads me back to the real issue: guessing at what’s right for you. Let me be clear, this is not a condemnation of any maker of mattresses. In fact, the quality and performance of today’s products are vastly better than when I started in this business. But the most expensive mattress on Earth is worthless if it doesn’t support you properly and provide the right amount of pressure relief!  FYI - The pillow is just as important! But that’s a topic for another day.

Unfortunately, trying out padded rectangles for 15-20 minutes in a store won’t help you with this quest, and buying it online is even more challenging. I am just stating a truth that we as an industry need to address - if we as retailers ever expect to really help our customers truly sleep better.

We, at Mattress Land SleepFit, have committed to changing the way people shop for sleep products by evolving to BedFit. We encourage you to visit our stores and get “Beducated” and BedFit for the right Sleep Equipment (Mattress, adjustable powerbase or flat foundation, sheets, protectors, pillows, etc.). We will BedFit you, free of charge, even if you don’t buy from us. At least then you'll know what’s right for you! And yes, we can make the mattress with different custom sides so you don’t have to compromise anymore – the correct support & pressure relief for you & your partner - no kidding!

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I want everyone to Sleep Great!

Thank you,

James Smith CEO/President SleepFit Corp.