Guest Reviews

Michele R., Eagle, ID~

We are mid way through our most delightful 'journey' with Mattress Land, which is a privately owned business by a man who clearly cares about doing things the right way.  It is the only mattress sales company we considered in the area because we "know a thing or two"  (as the saying goes) about mattress brands and quality, and to quote Amy A, just as she typed it in her review, "THIS IS THE ONLY STORE IN BOISE THAT HAS LATEX MATTRESSES!!!".   

And once you've owned a quality latex mattress, there is no turning back so you'll appreciate why Amy A. highlighted that in caps.  We needed a new mattress for our Cal-King bed in a guest room to replace a 18 coil innerspring mattress and not only was Mattress Land, in fact, the only store that carried the quality brand we wanted (Kingsdown) and latex to boot...we are wed to latex since buying a similar mattress half a dozen years ago for the master..  they also carry other top notch, all American made, company products across price points in other mattress modalities too, like Sealy, Sleep Fit (which is their brand made for them by Sealey), super high end Stearns and Foster  al brands inl in coil core or mixed with latex and Temperpedic memory foam mattresses.

We weren't in the market for an adjustable mattress, but if you are worth noting that maybe 80% or more of their in store inventory can be ordered in the position adjustable mattress format and they have several in the store to try out.

We started our journey here about 3 months ago and Brooke, who normally is in their Nampa location, helped us as she was filling in for one of the regulars at this Meridian store.  We narrowed the field to three choices and today when we went back to decide and buy, Darrin was the guy who helped us choose and wrote up the sale.  Although, in fairness both of them might be named Patience because they were for sure patient with us during our questions and decision making and we saw them extend the same professional care and courtesy to other customers.

If it means anything, while we were shopping, there were two customers who came in to make second purchases because they had been so pleased with their first purchase and the service here.  Those repeat customers have "high praise" value.

Their prices are competitive to start with for the product lines they carry and just as in the auto sales industry, there is negotiating room on some mattresses.  Not to mention, we sleep on our mattresses for many hours each night so if  you were to prorate the little bit of price difference in a really top notch mattress over the umpteen nights of sleeping in it during the lifetime of the mattress, it likely be pennies a night difference for the invaluable benefit of great sleep.

Light, bright, well laid out for being able to "sleep around" to try out the mattresses.  And one of the best features is a  SLEEP FIT program which allows you to lay on a mattress while pressure points and sleep posture to help you zero in on a firmness range from 1.0 (most firm) to 4.0 (least firm) which is right for your body and spine.  Since all mattresses for sale in the store carry a designation of 0.5 to 4.0 this will allow you to narrow down your best fit options for optimum sleep.   If your an "odd couple" of a larger person and a smaller person or a disabled person and able bodied person, you'll find some of the King mattresses can be ordered with one side at one number (say 2.0) and the other side at another number (say 3.0) to keep everyone happy.  

Kingsdown mattresses are custom made in NC so turnaround from order to delivery is about 10 - 12 days.  They deliver for free and will take away your old mattress set for free too.  To be continued once our mattress arrives...

1) PARKING:  Private lot shared with competitor Mattress Firm.

2) ACCESSIBILITY:  ADA parking in lot.  Level in from sidewalk through door and all on one level.  Ample aisle space.  Accessible loos, both he and she.

Kyle F., Merced, CA~

My wife and I had talked about going back to a Cal King for years! Today we purchased our mattress at Mattress Land and we were extremely happy with the service we received. Terri was awesome. She made sure we got the right mattress for our needs in our budget. If you are in the market for a new mattress you owe it to yourself to at least give Terri the chance to earn your business. My wife and I had purchased our previous mattress at the "other" mattress - before the name change - we went back and it just wasn't the same.

Yunkyung H., Los Angeles, CA~

I was looking for mattress for my new apartment at Merced, and I did not know where to go buy it. Yelp gave me highest rate store of Mattress Land SleepFit. I was completely satisfied with my purchase! I used to buy mattress at Amazon online, cheaper version. Mattress need to be tested before you buy. You need to lay on mattress for 5-10 minutes how it feels. Michael was great! He was friendly and helpful to chose right one! No rush and he gave to take time to test right mattress for you! Great deal! Delivery was done also exactly expected time. You won't regret to buy mattress at Mattress Land sleepFit. Good place to go!

Donald C., Yerington, NV~

We were totally uninformed about the new mattresses and Katrina gave us plenty of time to decide. We used the computer program to determine what is best for us and she showed us what would do best for us. It has been a long time since someone was as patient and informative as her. We purchased our mattress from Mattress land and the 2 young men that delivered it and set it up was prompt and polite as can be. It was a true pleasure to be served by the sales lady and the two young men that delivered the new mattress and removed the old one. I have no idea how you could get a better deal or nicer service.

Katy R., Los Osos, CA~

Looking for a mattress and happened to see this place on our way back from Costco and Sears. It was empty but the saleswoman was so nice and helped us right away. We told her our price point and she took us to mattress options right away. She also told us about returned new mattresses people realize they don't like that was perfectly good so we got a mattress worth 900 for only 400! We took it home that day. They found us a great deal and were fast. And they took our old mattress for free. The bed is so comfy, soft yet firm, just what I wanted!

Catherine C., Bakersfield, CA~

We had a great experience. We weren't sure what kind of mattress to get.  Rod had helped us decide on what mattress would be better for my husbands back issues.  He was very informative about the current deals and upcoming deals.  We picked a firm foam mattress and got a great deal on the adjustable frame.  We also got 2 xl pillow top twins with the box springs, 2 bed frames, and 2 twin pillow top mattresses. We originally wanted the regular mattress not the pillow top but after our boys changed their mind Rod made sure we got the ones we wanted.  He was helpful with finance options.  Delivery was as expected with no delays. 
side note.  We were told it takes about a month or so to break in a foam mattress bed.  I was uncomfortable at first but I really did sleep better after about a month.

Lamont J., Merced, CA~

Terri is AMAZING!!! I have been to several mattress stores that really push you to buy the most expensive product that they have but not here. Terri is truly down to earth, easy to talk to and very energetic. She really listens to what you have in mind, while giving you options and knowledge on each type of mattress. We were able to get a California King size bed for a really great deal thanks to Terri at Mattress Land!

Caitlyn G., Coeur d'Alene, ID~

We had a great experience with Billy at Mattress Land last weekend. After visiting several mattress stores, he found us a SleepFIT bed that was the only bed we could agree on. Before this bed, we were finding that we wanted/needed complete opposite types of mattress. He worked with us to find the best deal for the best option. He gave us good input on specific things when deciding and made it an easier process overall for us! They had a good selection and in the end we are happy with what we got for what we paid and are excited to have this mattress!

Tiffini B., Boise, ID~

I came to Mattress Land to get information and pricing on king beds. Casey and Daron were very kind and gave me a lot of information about the different beds and not force selling anything on me. I did end up buying one and am very excited about it. Their customer service was excellent!

Vanessa M., Novato, CA~

We just bought a new mattress here at Mattress Land. The store manager Debbie was the best! She was very helpful and wasn't rude or rushing us. She took the time to learn what we needed and helped with our budget. We got very great customer service today. She even took care of our Lil Bear while we shopped. "Happy Customers"

Ivey L., Sanger, CA~

OK Folks--Here it is: A totally honest review from an "Unbeliever". By that I mean, I am a Total Skeptic!!! I really don't like spending time with Salespeople because I feel they always have  something up their sleeve in getting you to buy.. whatever. So when I walked into the Clovis Mattress Land, I wasn't even looking to purchase--I just wanted Information about mattress types.  And then I met Debbie Rogers---who changed my entire perspective of Salespeople! She gave me Only Exactly what I wanted--Information. Yes, she Is a Salesperson (in fact, the Manager), but she didn't try to Sell me anything. She gave me the info I was seeking and left it up to me as to whether I wanted to buy. I've seen others mention the sleep fit test. Just an FYI- there's only a limited amount (2-4?) of stores in the entire State that offer this technology! So even if you don't buy from them, Debbie is willing to share this unique technology with you.
So, I purchased; and Debbie gave me a Great Deal!!
BUT, the story doesn't end there: There was a glitch in my purchase (my life's story). What I really want to highlight is- how far out of the usual path that Debbie went- OUT OF HER WAY to make it right !!!!! She made it right; and then contacted her administrator who (Whaaat?) joined her in making it right!!  For all of you other skeptics out there---ask yourselves--How often does that happen????
So I just want to tell EVERYONE that, if you are thinking at all about buying a mattress, Go Directly to Clovis Mattress Land!!! You will not only get a Great Deal, but you will be very informed about which mattress is the best one for You and Your specific sleep style! There is no pressure whatsoever!. And even if there are glitches (that's only my story-not yours)---rest assured that Debbie will make it right! I will be referring Everyone I know to Mattress Land/Debbie in Clovis! She made me a Believer again --in Excellent Customer Service !!!!!!!!

(ps: But for everything else--I remain a secret skeptic.LOL! )

Amanda P., Spokane Valley, WA~

We had been looking for a new mattress for a  few weeks. We were overwhelmed.... we didn't know where to start. Jesse Waters was extremely knowledgeable and walked us through picking the perfect mattress. He was very outgoing, friendly and just happy. We never felt like we were being pressured into buying. He showed us every option that fit our needs in different price ranges. We felt like he genuinely just wanted to make sure we found the Mattress that was right for us. Anyone who needs a mattress needs to stop in and ask for Jesse.

Sarah P., Kerman, CA~

I walked in and was greeted and helped immediately. They made finding the right bed super easy, and gave me a great deal! I highly recommend buying from here. Also id like to note that the the staff were very patient with my kids and didnt make me feel like they were a bother. That was very important to me.

C. B. Hayden, ID~

I came in with my mom looking for a simple bed. We got AMAZING service from Jesse. He had my mom try a bed built specifically for people with back problems.  She felt like she would be able to sleep on it and actually be RESTED!  He gave us a heck of a deal and was just absolutely a fantastic human being!!!!! I would give more than 5 stars if I could! Momma agrees!

Joshua K., Fresno, CA~

Went to mattress land to buy a new bed. Went in not sure what we wanted. Talked to Debbie and she was very informative and helped us choose the mattress we both found comfortable and worked in our price range. She gave us loads of info on the warranty and the pluses and minuses of the bed we chose. She was an absolute joy to deal with and would highly recommend her for any and all your mattress needs. Thank you again Debbie for the amazing customer service and advice on this big purchase. Can't wait to try out our new bed and have many great nights of sleep to come. My fiance is 4 months pregnant and I think she will finally get a good night's rest.

C W., Santa Barbara, CA~

I was dreading going mattress shopping, but working with Frank made it enjoyable. He is so friendly and patient, and I really, really appreciate his low-key, no pressure approach. All salespeople should learn from him! I was especially impressed with how willing he was to work with me when I had such difficult making a decision about my purchase. There was no judgement, no attitude--just courtesy and assistance. Even after I decided to buy a mattress elsewhere and had to cancel a delivery with him, he was so gracious. What a great guy! I highly recommend that you shop here.

Devon G., Fresno, CA~

My husband and I have been putting off finding a new mattress out of the process seeming like a pressure headache. We walked into Mattress Land and were greeted promptly by a lady that was working with another client. 

After she was done, she came over and introduced herself as Debbie and could tell on our faces we had absolutely no clue how to get started with finding the right mattress for us. 

She had us lay on a test bed that would rate our pressure points to help steer us in the right direction which was helpful because I have fibromyalgia and it was important we found a bed that was great for both of us but more importantly, helped me sleep better with my pain. 

Debbie did a wonderful job through the whole process, listened to what we liked and didn't like and also didn't try to just sell us the most expensive bed, she sold us on what would make us happy customers and sleepers. We left the store to think about it and were back within the hour to purchase the mattress with her. 

Payment process and delivery was gone over in detail as well as how best to take care of our mattress to make sure the warranty stays valid. Wonderful experience and we can't wait to get our new mattress this Saturday!

Eric D., Fresno, CA ~

I was looking for mattresses for my kids and found a great price at mattress land. Judy Marshall was the sleep advisor that helped me. Talk about great customer service. She was extremely helpful. Even though they didn't have everything I needed in the store, they had it in the warehouse. I was in and out in a timely manner and they had everything ready and waiting when I arrived at the warehouse. I suggest looking here first the next time you need a bed. P.S. ask for Judy, she is such a sweet lady.

Cheryls C., Clovis, CA ~ 

We were treated so well in this store. Donald Whittle was our store advisor, an I couldn't of been happier. He worked with me to give me the best deal, even though I changed my order twice after paying. Made sure we we're completely satisfied. Should we ever need another new bed, I will for sure go back in this store.

Janey C., Coeur d'Alene, ID ~

Awesome experience here, was joking around the whole time and actually had fun while shopping for a mattress! Jessie gave my mom an awesome deal and drew us a picture while we waited to pay. Best customer service I have probably ever had! I highly recommend mattress land.

David T., Fresno, CA ~

My wife and I had a great experience with our salesperson, Donald. He allowed us to try all the mattresses without the pressure of a salesperson standing over us trying to push the most expensive models (we got this at other stores). When we had questions he immediately came to us and answered them. This is an outlet store so he was able to give us a price that we were very satisfied with. I would recommend this store to my friends and family.


Jack H., Carson City, NV ~

Went in last week looking for a new bed and after a couple hours of "test driving" and a myriad of questions I had, I found the perfect set. Karina was very informative and patient answering questions I had and was a grade A representative of the products they sold. Tom also took the time to assist me which shows the teamwork and commitment that exists in the Carson Store. Kudos to Mattressland and they're extremely qualified staff.
Received new bed today and Brandon and Zach were very courteous, professional and had it set up in no time. Thank you for the exemplary service and can't wait to fall asleep in my new bed...Zzzz zzzz


Matthew S., Fresno, CA ~

Went in and got an awesome bed, a big relief after getting stressed out looking all around for something I loved and could afford. This was my last stop of the day and Donald took great care of me, really happy I came upon the store by chance. Big, big recommendation for here!


Gayle T., Atascadero, CA -

We went into Mattress Land to replace a very saggy mattress. We did the "sleepFit" testing and that was very helpful to get us started. We decided on a mattress plus the REVE 6S adjustable base. Lonnie was very helpful in the selection and getting us the best price.  The delivery people were great too.  

After 30 days we found that the mattress was too firm for us. Once again, Lonnie was knowledgeable directing us to a better fit mattress for our needs.  It was such an easy process to make the change. There was no pressure to keep the original mattress and the whole process was quick and easy. 
This whole experience was the best we have had buying a mattress. There was no pressure to buy a particular mattress and the exchange was super easy.  The only extra charge  ($145) was for delivery of the new mattress and of course the difference in price of the exchange mattress. Thank you, Lonnie!


Leticia N., Fresno, CA -

Went in this weekend. Found the perfect mattress at a really good price thanks to Donald. He was very helpful and answered all my questions about different mattresses and price ranges.


D B., Tulare, CA -

I went in on 2/5/17 and was immediately greeted. The salesman asked me all the right questions and was patient with me as I tested all the mattresses I thought might be to my liking. I don't buy new mattresses often, so it's kind of a process for me finding the right one. Both the salesperson and the manager were attentive to my needs and helped me find the right setup. I was previously at a competitors mattress store, and did not receive the same service at all. I would buy here again and highly recommend you go if you are in the market for a new bed. (I also highly recommend the tempurpedic breeze mattresses, they are great)


Jeffery E., Visalia CA -

Received a great deal from this store. No pressure. I told them what I was looking for and how much I wanted to spend and they delivered!  I got a great mattress with adjustable frame at a great price. I am very happy and would highly recommend Mattress Land over other retail stores. I had shopped other stores like Mor and Sleep Train to name a few. Mattress Land by far was the better choice.


Megan S., Merced CA -

Terri at Mattress Land is fantastic! She provides amazing customer service and is respectful of your budget. I was able to find the perfect mattress for me within my budget including delivery! The other stores in town were more expensive and wanted to charge for delivery! They even offer 0% financing! This is a much better option than paying the interest on my credit card! I highly recommend mattress land! Go see Terri!


Shelly L., Sparks NV -

Such a great experience!! Went in close to closing time and Chris was very welcoming, not rude or annoyed with the fact that we came in so late. The bf and I did the sleep fit test and asked a million questions. Chris was very knowledgeable and patient with us and we wound up picking an amazing bed. The sleep fit test is quite remarkable and I feel it was instrumental in helping us pick the right bed.  It would have taken hours without it!! Thank you Mattress Land for the great night's sleep!

Also, they do mention when you purchase the bed that all stains will void the warranty and suggest you purchase a protective cover to help you stay within warranty, a step most places would skip.


Kayla T., Merced CA -

My husband and I visited Mattress Land on our search for a new mattress after a good friend ranted and raved to us about his buying experience there. We really didn't know what we were looking for other than a bed that was comfortable and not too expensive and our friend swore this was the place. As the rather cheap lady that I am I thought for sure I wasn't going find anything in our price range and we were going to buy a mattress some place cheaper. But my husband decided we needed to check it out.

We were greeted with a smile by the super friendly manager, Terri. She talked to us a bit and encouraged us to try the machine that reads what kind of bed works best for you. It only took a couple minutes and it was easy. My husband & I just had to lay on this bed and it evaluated our bodies and what we would be most comfortable sleeping on. 

We told Terri our budget and she showed us beds in our price range that would work best for our needs. She is really knowledgeable about the products and answered all our questions and I never felt pressure to buy anything. It was a fun process to try everything out and not feel like we were going to leave with something expensive we didn't want. We've been in another local mattress place and it was a really snobby uncomfortable experience. Here I felt at home and like I could try it all out! Terri is such a hospitable woman! I'm so glad we met her!  

We ultimately ended up buying a bed that afternoon. I am so glad we went with Mattress Land!! I feel like we got the best price and the best service possible! If I could, I'd give them 10 stars!


Tasha M., Madera CA -

We are so happy to have finallly purchased a new mattress! We waited way too long. Debbie helped us get our sleep number and find the perfect fit for my husband and I. I hightly recommend coming here! Debbie is the best!


Nancy K., New Washoe City, NV -

My husband and I went to Mattress Land in Reno, near Lumber Liquidators to look for new mattresses. The salesman "David" used a computer that was hooked up to a special bed that measured where we needed more support and the areas that would get sore during the night, like the shoulder, hip, etc., causing us to wake up and turn over. The computer recommended a number that corresponded to the firmness or softness of each bed so that we knew where to start. We found a bed that we liked and we picked out a couple of sets of sheets and a new pillow.

We left feeling like we had a pleasant Customer Service experience with a person who was an expert in mattresses. After we had left, we had a lot oquestions that we did not think to ask while we were there. So we called Mattress Land several times and spoke to Rusty, and he gladly answered all of our questions. He was avery pleasant over the phone and there wans't a question that he could not answer. Approximately two weeks later we got a call saying that our mattress is in and we sheduled delivery for a Sunday morning. The delivery crew arrived right on time and they all were very nice. They brought in the new mattesses and set them up and took the old mattresses and hauled them away for us.

Awesome Customer Service is a thing of the past. People just do not seem to care like they use to. It was nice to get back to that good old fashioned Customer Service where they would go to the ends of the earth and back to have us as their customer. Thank you for the pleasurable friendly service, it was a delight working with you and your team of Representatives.


Marmie M., Boise ID -

Having done online research and planned out this major purchase for months. I stopped by Mattress Land in Meridian after work to continue the in person decision making process. The staff, specifically Dave, was extremely helpful and guided me through the sleep fit process and showed me a few mattresses that met my requirements. When it came down to putting together the final package he was very patient and responsive to my questions. My mattress had to be shipped from the warehouse and was delivered and set up very professionally. Almost white glove service as far as I am concerned. I love my new adjustable bed and super comfortable mattress and am so glad I went to Marress Land/Sleep Fit!

John S., Merced CA -

Terri at Mattress Land is fantastic! She provides amazing customer service and is respectful of your budget. I was able to find the perfect mattress for me within my budget including delivery! The other stores in town were more expensive and wanted to charge for delivery! They even offer 0% financing! This is a much better option than paying the interest on my credit card! I highly recommend mattress land! Go see Terri!